Slides, Showers, Trampolines

At first sight, the accessories for swimming pools would seem to fulfill a unique aesthetic or decorative function (it should be clarified that here we are not referring to the accessories that are used to maintain the state of the water under normal conditions, that is, the chemical products such as chlorine or bactericide , but to the type of accessories that are placed in the pool to make the most of its possibilities, such as trampolines, showers or pool ladders).
The truth is that each of these accessories has a specific use and, although it is true that some may be better designed than others or simply “shine more”, it is necessary to understand that rather than letting ourselves be carried away by its appearance, we must choose the accessory that have the right characteristics to meet our needs and those of those who will use the pool.

There is an accessory that, fortunately, is becoming increasingly important and has become an almost mandatory element in any modern pool. We are talking about the shower, a very important accessory in terms of hygiene and maintenance of the pool water.

As for trampolines, an accessory linked more than anything to sport and fun. As always, the variety of trampolines that can be installed in a pool is really very large. The important thing will be to take into account some tips so that the chosen one is the most suitable for our pool. It is important that, in case someone wants to install a trampoline in your pool, it is advisable that this has a “pit”, whose depth should vary between 2 and 2.5 meters (remember that in a pool without trampoline, the maximum recommended depth is 2 meters). Within this type of pool accessories, we can locate the water slides, the dream of every child who owns a pool. But we must bear in mind that there is a type of slide for each stage of the children (it is not equal a slide for a child of 5 years that one for a child of 10) and that is why the measures must be taken into account and the design of the slide before deciding to install it.

Stairs for swimming pools

There is a wide variety of stairs to install in a pool, although the first thing that should matter is that they are made of stainless steel, because this way they will have a longer useful life and reduce the maintenance costs. The different types of stairs present particularities that place special emphasis on the safety of pool users.

Therefore, we can find ladders with steps for pools covered in rubber (to avoid slips) or even some that, thanks to their special design, can be used by people with motor disabilities.


It is recommended that these showers be installed on the side of the pool, perhaps on the opposite side of the staircase. As with the stairs, the showers should be made of stainless steel to avoid rapid wear and prolong its use for many years. The variety of showers is also very large: we can find from the simplest and functional showers to the expensive and elegant showers that have a modern design and a delicate finish. Along with the shower, a footbath tray is usually installed, whose water must be changed regularly. In the case of the photo, through a hose and an inflator you get a modern shower cabin that can also be used, thanks to a curtain, as a changer.

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