Waterfalls and Water Curtains

Stunning landscapes and pleasant sounds, so sensual is the atmosphere of a pond. The water games and the fountains offer water in movement creating a very special atmosphere.
Who wants to complete your garden with waterfalls and water curtains, you will not know how to make a decision as we will make each garden something special. Perhaps the romantics get excited by a rock fountain with a soft gurgle, in a modern environment it fits very well a water-snow nozzle and, if you prefer it more spectacular, the ideal is an elegant aquatic game. The possibilities are very varied, and for each style there is the right product.

But even without a pond, you can add a special note to your landscape. Inside a gravel bed or in a decorative container, the water games will give an attractive brushstroke to the terrace, the balcony or a hidden corner. With our products your garden will be a real point of attention.

The dynamic water games of our waterfalls and water curtains are partially lit and need little space. Thus the summer sunsets will become unforgettable moments.

Either a soft murmur or a dynamic gurgle: the water in motion captivates probably all the owners of a house or a garden. There are multiple possibilities to stage your garden or your pond with water games through waterfalls and water curtains.

Water curtains, Waterfalls, Canyons.

The range of AstralPool aquatic games and ornaments provide an added attraction to the pool, both at an aesthetic and practical level, harmoniously adjusting to the different environments in which you wish to apply.

They are built in stainless steel, guaranteeing a long life. Its varied designs give us a wide range of possibilities and forms.

Games and aquatic ornaments. The attractiveness of water in motion.

In the AstralPool range we can find from water curtains, with their different fall widths, to decorative waterfalls made of stainless steel, as well as the innovative waterfalls made in ABS. We also find pressure water cannons, with several nozzles to choose, mushroom-shaped water exits or umbrella, and of course, the attractive decorative fountains, which will make your pool a real show full of movement.

Water cannons, combination of hydrotherapy and aesthetics.

Equipped with a wide variety of nozzles, they create a massage effect on the swimmer while producing an aquatic decoration in the pool.

Manufactured in AISI-316 stainless steel, the AstralPool water cannons have been conceived to enhance the decoration inside a pool, while providing you with pleasant water pressure massages. Like the rest of the AstralPool range of water games, they are perfectly adaptable in both private and recreational areas.

Within the range of AstralPool cannons you can find the single barrel with its four nozzle models, the bell-shaped barrel and finally the Luxe model, with flat water outlet options, in circular form or with six independent outlets integrated in the same canyon.

Single barrel: bright polished finish.

Water curtains, aesthetics come true.

Different widths of water outlet that bring a sophistication to the fall of this and make the bather can enjoy a pleasant feeling of relaxing massage.

Manufactured entirely in stainless steel AISI-316. Avant-garde design, AstralPool water curtains combine guarantee and design in the pool, both for private and public use.

Decorative waterfalls, nature integrated into your pool.

Beautiful waterfalls that provide a natural fluidity of the water in your pool. Their harmonious designs and different measures will make them fit perfectly in the pool environment.

Manufactured entirely in stainless steel AISI-316. Discover the wonderful sound of water falling from a decorative AstralPool waterfall in the garden of your own home. The different available water outlet widths will allow you to better adapt the waterfall to the surroundings of your pool.

Water mushrooms.

Made of AISI-316 stainless steel, the AstralPool water mushroom will give an original touch to your pool or pond. Its discreet and minimalist design facilitates its installation in the minimum space inside the pool and offers a beautiful curtain of water in the shape of a mushroom.

Water umbrellas.

AstralPool water umbrellas will complement with its wide range of options the most varied possibilities of water outlets for the decoration in your garden.

The base of the umbrellas is made of AISI-316 stainless steel, the red polyester cup and the finish is in polished gloss.

Each umbrella is composed of two elements: the cup and the column. You can choose between 4 different types of umbrellas depending on their diameter. The height of the column will be determined by the diameter of the umbrella.

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