Jet Stream

The countercurrent swimming equipment offers everything necessary to swim and train in the pool, with minimal space and with the advantage of being able to operate from inside the pool. Find the countercurrent swim you need. Make the most of your pool regardless of its size. With our countercurrent swimming systems you can swim and train in your own pool.

They are easy to install systems that offer the pressure and impulsion necessary to practice swimming. Regulate your flow to obtain different levels of resistance, depending on your needs. The countercurrent swim equipment is suitable for beginners and for the most expert and advanced profiles.
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No longer go swimming in the pool of your local club or gym. Purchase your own compact pool where you can exercise and swim against a wide, deep stream of variable speed water to suit any style of swimming and skill.

As simple as creating a current in the pool, and swimming against it without moving from the site.

Allows you to swim without interruption

There are a lot of equipment and brands in the swimmer counter market, but almost all are based on the same system. A jet of water generated by a pump, more or less powerful, that allows you to swim without interruption for as long as you want and without losing the pace, no matter how small your pool is.

We choose it according to the use that we are going to give it

When installing a countercurrent swimming system, each user has to think about the use that will be given. It is not the same to swim at a competitive level than at the user or leisure level. There are countless teams with different characteristics to choose the best and most comfortable for each one. Everything is based on the power of each team, and the number and size of the nozzles. Still, they usually have a system to vary the resistance of swimming.

Integrated and portable equipment

They are usually integrated in the pool, and are installed when building it, but fortunately, we have portable equipment, which can be installed later, in already built pools. The “backpack” system, as portable equipment, is very comfortable for this situation, because it is installed in a very short time and in any type of pool, be it concrete, fiber, liner, etc., and we do not touch the structure of the pool.

There are portable equipment that you just have to submerge them in the water, plug them in and that’s it. Some use low voltage transformers, for safety, and others with rechargeable batteries, but in the end they all work and allow us to enjoy a good time swimming.

Static swimming

As the same word says, Static Swimming, without moving from the site. This is another very used system for swimming in the house pool. Unlike the countercurrent swimming, this does not generate a current to swim against, but what we do is “tie” to not move, and thus swim without interruption as long as we want.

Generally harnesses are used attached to elastic cords, or rubber bands, which are attached to supports, some rigid, and other elastic, depending on models. These harnesses are usually placed on the waist, but some brand uses a system that holds you from the feet.

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