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Disinfection, Chemical Balance Regulators, Flocculants, Coagulants, Algicide, Invernaje, Auxiliary Products, Cleaning Products, Chemicals for Spas, Essences for Spas and Saunas, Filtering Products. Sale of Chemicals, Spare Parts and Accessories of all kinds and Cleaning Material of the pool, Car Cleaning, Pickle, Pole. To obtain and maintain a clean, transparent and [...]

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Jet Stream

The countercurrent swimming equipment offers everything necessary to swim and train in the pool, with minimal space and with the advantage of being able to operate from inside the pool. Find the countercurrent swim you need. Make the most of your pool regardless of its size. With our countercurrent swimming systems you can swim [...]

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Waterfalls and Water Curtains

Stunning landscapes and pleasant sounds, so sensual is the atmosphere of a pond. The water games and the fountains offer water in movement creating a very special atmosphere. Who wants to complete your garden with waterfalls and water curtains, you will not know how to make a decision as we will make each garden [...]

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Slides, Showers, Trampolines

At first sight, the accessories for swimming pools would seem to fulfill a unique aesthetic or decorative function (it should be clarified that here we are not referring to the accessories that are used to maintain the state of the water under normal conditions, that is, the chemical products such as chlorine or bactericide [...]

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Paddle and Tennis Courts

Our company offers the best sports solutions, we have high quality products to achieve the perfect finish, such as concrete, PVC floors or resin floors and epoxy paint for floors. In the broad spectrum of veteran amateur players, most act on concrete tracks, much more widespread due to the resistance of material and because [...]

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