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The heating of an indoor pool requires a large amount of energy; it could be done with a conventional boiler, but since it is necessary to install a heat pump to perform the dehumidification, we recommend that you take advantage of the heat pump also for air conditioning, given the high energy efficiency offered by this device, capable of producing four times more energy than it consumes because it takes advantage of the physical law by which the change of state of matter generates heat.



A simple dehumidification equipment manages to keep the heat in the environment and remove moisture from the air.

The heat pump is the most efficient air conditioning device that exists. It does not consume electricity to generate heat or cold, but to move the heat from one place to another, it does so by taking advantage of certain laws of physics. Refrigerators are heat pumps, as well as air conditioners. Mechanically, they convert the liquid from their interior hydraulic circuit to gas; the gas is located where we want to extract the heat; a compressor -which consumes electricity-, pressurizes the gas, with a double result: when compressed, the gas becomes liquid again. This change of state produces heat, which we introduce where it suits us.

Sliding Covers

The sliding and security covers totally prevent sun rays from entering the pool water during the winter. They avoid the formation of algae. They reduce the filtration and water purification processes during the winter.


To enjoy an indoor pool, its air conditioning and dehumidification is necessary, since the heat produces steam that condenses on the walls, glass and furniture.

Automatic Cover

The automatic cover for swimming pool is an ideal solution for all those owners who wish to avoid the tedious task of putting and removing the cover, or do not want to install an enclosure around the pool. There are winter covers with motor, made of PVC fabric that does not let the light pass, there are 2 types with aluminum bars and wheels or with perimetral steel cable. Its resistance is such that you can even walk on them. They adapt to different forms of swimming pool since the cover goes by out of the water, reason why it allows to cover swimming pools with forms. Pool covers are an easy solution that allows you to save, keep the pool clean and have a safer environment for your children.




The enclosures on the one hand prevent possible falls of both children and pets, and on the other protect the water, thus preventing evaporation and deterioration caused by external agents. The automatic isothermal slat covers, made of PVC slats with air chamber, are of the blind type and are floating on the water. The opening and closing of these covers is done by means of a winder provided with motor.