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Orientation of the pool. The pool should be oriented in the place where there is more solar radiation throughout the year. Even in the middle of summer, it is always appreciated a relaxing sun exposure after bathing. If we install trampolines in the pool we must avoid being dazzled at the moment of the jump. Regarding the best orientation of the pool, it is advisable to build it facing south or west.



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Beginning of the work. The companies of the sector are especially busy during the spring with repairs and adjustments, and totally overflowed during the summer. Winter is the ideal time to start the construction of swimming pools since the construction companies are calmer and you can also find a better price. The pool could be finished in early spring and be ready to bathe at the beginning of summer.


Piscinas San Antonio is a well-known company with a reputation for innovation at the highest level.

Contour Embellishment

When you want to install a pool in the yard or garden, a first aspect to consider is to know if the free terrain we have or arrange allows excavation, if you do not allow entry, you can overcome this obstacle by mounting a raised pool a few centimeters on the ground, which will only require that the ground is well leveled to start working.

Appropriate Design to the Surroundings

The design of swimming pools is in constant evolution, from the overflowing pools in sloping areas that connect with the distant landscape, passing through natural pools that submerge in a wild landscape or those of a minimalist nature.